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Hiking To Machu Piccu for Plan International

2012 UNIGLOBE Trek to Machu Picchu.
To raise £25,000 for Because I Am a Girl. 

On October 2012, UNIGLOBE family members from the United Kingdom, Canada and the Netherlands will trekked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with a goal to raise £25,000 for the Because I Am a Girl campaign.

Because I am a Girl is a Plan International initiative to promote girls' rights and empower young women to safely attend schools, learn new skills and contribute to the advancement of economies worldwide.

All travel costs and personal expenses for the UNIGLOBE Machu Picchu expedition are paid by individual members. All proceeds raised go directly to the campaign. Thank you to:

  • Derek Hearl-Maunder - President, UNIGLOBE Travel British Isles
  • Mark & Julie Kempster - UNIGLOBE CT Business Travel, Tunbridge Wells, UK
  • Mark Hewett - UNIGLOBE Gemini Travel, Ashford, UK
  • Eoin Shanahan - UNIGLOBE Premier Travel, Croydon, UK
  • Maria & Rebecca Baty - UNIGLOBE Top Flight Travel, Reading, England
  • Marleen Van Dam - UNIGLOBE Smart Travel, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Amanda Close - Vice President, Global Operations, UNIGLOBE Travel International Headquarters, Vancouver, Canada
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